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Nichi Glucan in Diabetes
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Life-style changes related Diabetes-Type-2 has been increasing rampantly all over the world, especially in the Asian countries where rice is the staple food and also there has been an abrupt change in life style with the industrialization.

In spite of Nichi-Glucan being only a food supplement, many who have been regularly consuming this in Japan have said they consider this as a big boon to those with Diabetes Type-2 because they have found that after taking nichi-Glucan their blood glucose levels went down, but not to hypoglycemic levels. To their surprise their HbA1C also went to normal levels in 3 months.

In the peer reveiwed journals also similar findings have been reported in animal studies (1). In human clinical studies it has also been proven that the LDL cholesterol also is lowered apart from increase in insulin resistance (2) Now many schools, restaurants, old age homes in their food, have started adding nichi-Glucan. To a bowl of rice of 200 grams, 10 grams of nichi-Glucan is added. When nichi-Glucan is added to rice of other kinds of carbohydrate containing food, it brings down the blood glucose levels as found in the studies.

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