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Nichi Glucan in Cancer and Infections

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Another study by Montelli et al (6) has concluded that the NK cell activity was significantly lower in a group of brain tumour victims in a familial manner (n=15) compared to healthy controls of similar parameters.

In spite of several advancements in the modern medicine, a total cure to Cancer has not yet been feasible due to several factors. The preventive aspects of Cancer, though include several measures such as lifestyle changes, food intake, avoidance of smoking etc, food supplements occupy a major portion.

There are many clinical and animal studies which have proven that Beta glucan increase immune response (1,2), increase apoptosis in colon cancer (3), increase NK cell activity (4), in Japan we found many consumers of the nichi Glucan came with an experience that they have started feeling healthier and that the frequency of them suffering from common cold has come down, we though of doing a study on evaluation of the nichi Glucan in several components of immune mechanisms of the body. To our surprise we found that the NK cells profile increases significantly when the study subjects consumed nichi Glucan regularly (See the graph)

Dr Imai et al of Saitama University, Japan(5) have proven in their study of 11 years that in a 3625 population community, those with a lower NK cell profile have more chances of becoming cancer victims compared to those who have a relatively higher NK cell profile. Correlating our finding that the nichi Glucan increases the NK cells profile and the study by Imai et al, it is becoming very clear that nichi Glucan could be an indispensable health supplement to every one to increase their immunity in terms of NK cells profile thereby preventing the occurence of viral infections and cancer.


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